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Business Consulting Services

What Financial Consultants 

Financial consultants help you understand the data your . They help with a number of tasks related to accounting services:

  • financial forecasting

  • analyzing financial statements

  • determining the profitability of your business

  • analyzing accounts payable to see where your business might be able to save money 

  • determining what accounting services you need

  • setting up consistent accounting practices

Putting the Right Financial Practices in Place

Jordem will assess your company's accounting processes and procedures to ensure they provide the best efficiency. We will ensure you bookkeeping schedule lets you receive the reports you need, when you need them, on demand as well as on predetermined deadlines. We will help you understand the significance of these reports, and how to use the data to make sound financial plans. 

If you're looking for a way to gain better financial control of your growing business, and you think outsourced accounting services may be one way to do it, Jordem's consultants can help.

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Many business owners have limited resources to turn to for advice when faced within new or difficult circumstances.


These kind of situations can include dealing with difficult employees, implementing employee benefits, profit sharing, formulating performance bonus plans and selling their business to simply knowing how well they are doing in comparison to other businesses.


We 'work in the trenches' with our clients and come to know their businesses well. Additionally, we own other interests that provide us with knowledge through first hand business experience.  This allows us to listen to our clients and advise or to steer them to the appropriate resource.




One of the greatest challenges of small to medium sized business is cash flow and its' management.  Planning vendor payments and meeting payroll responsibilities combined with when to make necessary capital expenditures can be a monumental juggling act.

We understand this very important piece of everyday business management and strive to make it a nominal task for you.

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