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Microsoft Excel Reporting Tools

Reporting efficiencies have been a passion for us at Jordem Inc.  We use Microsoft Excel(c) extensively as a reporting tool for our clients. From standard financial reports and budget preparation to complex analytical reports virtually anything is possible.  We can provide support to your staff with spreadsheets tailored to your needs.


Government Remittances

Government remittances are an essential requisite of all business, small or large.  Outsourcing your accounting department to us gives you peace of mind that your remittances are being taken care of on a timely basis.  View these links for information about obligations your business may have.


Employment Standards Act

Every business that has employees should be familiar with their responsibilities under the Employment Standards Act. We can assist you with understanding various obligations that you have under the ESA.  When certain employment situations arise that require specialized attention, we can connect you with professionals that can advise you on your particular circumstances.


Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Employers need to know their obligations under the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board mandate.  Questions arise about who needs to have coverage, which employees are considered to be contractors or independents, whether family members need coverage and who can be exempted to name a few.  We have provided some useful links to these kinds of questions.


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