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We believe in continuing education.  To help you stay abreast of the latest business developments, check here often for links to current and past articles by various sources.

Passwords - make them secure

Schneier on Security - January 21, 2015


We can't say enough about making sure your infomation is secure.  We have heard many times in recent news of large corporations being hacked and confidential client information being exposed in many different ways.  This article by Bruce Shneier discusses ways that you can improve your passwords.  Read more about Choosing Secure Passwords

Credit Card Rewards

Globe and Mail October 24, 2014


Many of our clients pay their vendors with credit cards. The reason for doing this is two-fold - extending terms for up to 20 plus days thus helping cash flow and the rewards that are gained by their use. Rewards can be significant enough to allow them to have free travel and accommodations to yearly conferences.  G & M writer Mario Johne expands on the benefits that entrepreneurs are getting as credit card companies ramp up their benefit packages 


Drug plans have a considerable cost

Globe and Mail June 4, 2014


Drug plans are very important to employees.  For small employers, they can serve as a great perk to attract personnel. Along with the attractiveness and benefits of a company plan there comes a cost to the employer what always seems to grow each year, especially with an aging workforce.  This article expands on the costs that employers should pay attention to.


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